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What is your next career move?

Are you feeling stuck in your current career?

Are you sitting on the couch at night watching Netflix or scrolling mindlessly on TikTok or Instagram wondering how to make your next move?

Are you overwhelmed, uninspired and/or just burnt out?

Are you wondering what your next career move should be?

If the last 2 years have left you re-evaluating your career choices, educational path or if you’re contemplating changing jobs, you are not alone! Most people I speak to are feeling stuck.

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are not sure what to do next, check out this group coaching program being launched in response to this need.

By the end of the first part of this group coaching program, you will:

· Understand why you are feeling stuck

· Get grounded and learn about your purpose

· Set meaningful goals, actions and strategies toward cultivating your own career path

· Build a sustainable plan to keep on track

There is also a second part of the program that will focus more on tangible strategies to build your personal brand, how to go after your next opportunity, and interviewing and negotiating.

As well, you will get the support of being in a group and build some awesome relationships.

There is no reason to continue feeling frustrated and burnt out in your current career.

You can choose to cultivate your own path.

If you are ready and motivated to make a change, hit the link to reach out and learn more.

The next session starts April 28, 2022.

Take action now. Do not be the person still frustrated and overwhelmed a year from now. Make a decision to do something different now.

Take charge of your career!

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