The Story of Tan Go Business Coaching

My name is Tania Caza and I created Tan GO Business Coaching because I have a HUGE passion and belief that coaching can elevate individuals' performance and ultimately impacts their lives both personally and at work! 

As a former Executive in Human Resources, I had been a leader for a number of years and loved it! As the years went on, I did some of the most transformative work of my LIFE! From implementing group leadership coaching & high potential programs to leading organizational culture change, strategy and 1-on-1 coaching, along with leading the HR team. What I loved about this work was the impact - at home and at work! All of these pieces working in sync elevated all elements of a person's life! What a ripple effect! And, I knew, I needed to do this work outside of one organization.

So, in August, 2021, I left the corporate HR Executive role to go out on my own and start a coaching practice. I decided to focus my practice on the areas that I have the most expertise in: helping Leaders & Executives get RE-ENERGIZED so that they can ELEVATE their careers and business to the next phase of growth. 

My Coaching approach focuses on either group, team, or individual coaching, using a very action-based and results oriented programming. My style will hold you accountable to achieving the results you want in your life, whether it is career advancement, building your team, working through your leadership challenges, growing your business, finding balance, finding your purpose...whatever your goals!

I am certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with the ACC accreditation, and through the NeuroLeadership Institute in their Brain-Based Coaching Conversations program.   I am also certified in a number of assessment tools through the Management Research Group, which can significantly contribute to the coaching process. 


I am also a Mental Fitness Coach using the Positive Intelligence organization methodology.  I found this process completely transformative and can have a huge impact on all areas of your life.

There is absolutely NOTHING more fulfilling that watching an individual, a group of individuals or a whole team achieve goals that they thought were impossible! The impossible becomes POSSIBLE with a great coach.

It never hurts to chat, so reach out if you want to learn more or have a question.

Also - if you want to learn more about My Passion Work - click the link below.