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The Story of Tan Go Business Coaching

My name is Tania Caza and I am a Business Leadership Coach and a Strategy & HR Consultant. I develop programs, facilitate workshops, speak at events, and coach leaders & executives - all in support of elevating leaders and organizations to a new level of excellence.

My career was built on over 20 years in the corporate human resources and executive leadership space. I left my corporate executive role to pursue this coaching and consulting practice because I saw first-hand the impact that coaching can have on leaders, both personally and professionally. I wanted to do this work more broadly while continuing to enrich the organizational experience for employees through strategy and people planning (HR) consulting.

Today, I work with small to medium-sized enterprises to help them with their strategic planning cycle, HR & people requirements and to develop leaders who want to rise to their maximum potential.
The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life working. And for many, those are tough, grueling, and miserable hours. We need to do better. I am on a mission to enlighten and elevate workplaces & their leaders through a variety of coaching and consulting offerings. I want to help workplaces be more intentional, lead with clear expectations, clarify their expectations of employees, and do it in a way that leads with humanity. I want to see leaders be kind, honest, and humble in their leadership style while caring about the needs of the employee AND the business.

My purpose is to help organizations and leaders create workplaces where employees actually want to work and stay because they are so damn awesome.

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