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Cultivate Your Career Group Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your current career?  Overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out?

Many of us wind up going down one career path, then finding out that it doesn't align with what we want.

Are you ready to make a change and Cultivate Your Career Path?

Join a group of like-minded individuals in a group coaching setting to learn and grow together on your career journey.


The program is split into two components, so you can sign up for both or just Part 1 or Part 2.  Whatever makes sense for you!

Part 1 - Career Planning

(6 - 2 hour sessions over 3 months)

Sessions Include:

1) Getting Unstuck

2) Dealing with Burnout and Getting Grounded

3) Finding your Purpose

4) Goal Setting

5) Setting Strategies & Actions

6) Creating a Sustainable Plan

Part 2 - Implementing you Career Plan (4 - 2 hour sessions over 2 months)

Sessions Include:

1) Preparing your Mindset

2) Personal Brand Development

3) Marketing Yourself

4) Interviewing and Negotiating

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Apply Here to Learn More - Part 2 Session Begins September 13, 2022
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