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Image by Mariah Hewines

Stand Tall & Wear a Crown

Women's Group Coaching Program

Join other inspirational and energetic women on a journey of learning and embracing who we are, creating a path to make our dreams come true, and building ever-lasting relationships.

This 6 session program will combine 1-on-1 coaching, group and peer coaching to give you triple-the-power to accomplish your goals and learn new skills.

In this program you will get:

  • 3 individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions to set you on your goal setting path and accomplish your goals

  • a self-assessment to grow your self-awareness and help you to set your own goals and build a plan that will work for you

  • monthly check-ins

  • 6 group coaching sessions to learn more about the things that challenge women specifically and learn new skills

  • bi-weekly peer coaching that will help you to be accountable to yourself and you will help others be accountable to their goals. (And...this is a fantastic skill to practice in this safe environment!)

At the end of the program, you will:

  • Either have accomplished or on a meaningful way to accomplishing one of your personal very important goals

  • Have learned about women in business in the current state and learned to embrace all that we are to leverage our power

  • Learned and practiced new skills and behaviors to support our ambitions

  • Made some strong ever-lasting relationships with other strong, ambitious women

  • Had a lot of laughs!  

If you are a woman and have goals and dreams you want to go after, you are motivated and committed, and you are looking for a tribe to support you - this program may be perfect for you!!

Click on the link below to set up an introductory call to learn if this is right for you!!  Spots are limited as this is meant to be a small, intimate group.  

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