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Are You Caught Up in the Past or Worrying about the Future? Here's an Idea to Get Present!

Are you the type that is caught up in the past or worrying about the future? The type that is so worried about that next business meeting, the never-ending “To Do” list, organizing the children’s next play date, getting your parent to their next doctor’s visit…and the worrying goes on!

You are so rarely present in the moment that you often don’t recall how you’ve driven home after work, or perhaps have forgotten what you stood up to even do by the time you get to the next room.

If you recognize these patterns, it’s time for a much-needed brain break. (Also, you might be burned out and you can check out the Burnout Series linked below.)

This past weekend, my friends and I tried out Goat Yoga. I have always been a huge fan of pets and animals as a way to stay grounded, calm, and in the present moment. I will say though, that Goat Yoga (though not a lot of Yoga’ing happening) was the ultimate activity to force a present mindset. With the little furballs nibbling at your shirt, jumping on your back, and snuggling in your lap there was absolutely no time to worry about the past or the future.

And, did I mention how hilarious it was?!

In my Burnout Part 3 “Are you Burnt Out and don’t know what to do?” post, I talk about 7 ways to complete the stress response cycle. I was curious how many of these boxes our little Goat adventure could check:

☑️Physical Activity

☑️Positive Social Interaction



☑️Creative Expression

So, we missed the Breathing and the Just Cry pieces. Though if we had done the Yoga, we would have checked the Breathing box too. And there is a good chance we laughed until we cried, so we might have checked that one too!

Basically, what I am getting at here folks, is hang out with Goats. They are great for your mental health. 🐐

And if not Goats, take time to get back to nature and find something that trains your brain to stay in the present moment.

On another note – to all the leaders - if you are looking for a fun, team-building activity, check out Goat Yoga. (Disclaimer - you’ll want to ensure teammates are comfortable with animals and with getting a bit dirty.)

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