• Tania Caza

Complimentary Confidence Coaching for Women

Every 6 months, I provide 1-on-1 complimentary coaching for up to 8 sessions and for up to 2 women, who meet the criteria listed below. Check out my Passion Work here: https://www.tangobusinesscoaching.com/my-passion-work

Do you know a woman who meets the following criteria?

☑️ Is highly motivated woman (she/her) and recognizes the benefit of coaching

☑️ Is starting or is early in her career

☑️ Is feeling a bit lost or stuck in her current situation

☑️ Has goals and dreams but is not sure how to achieve them

☑️ Is prepared to commit both the time and energy to accomplishing her goals

Maybe this is you or you know someone who could truly benefit from coaching, click here https://www.tangobusinesscoaching.com/my-passion-work to find out more and apply.

I am putting the call out now for sessions to start around April, 2022. Please complete the application form included at the bottom of the page of this link: https://www.tangobusinesscoaching.com/my-passion-work

I will choose the 1 or 2 ladies to participate based on the above criteria and who I believe will benefit most from the program.

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