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Are you struggling to meet your goals?

We were playing a blackjack video game as a family the other night. There were 4 of us playing. One player bet 10 of his fake chips every round. The rest of us changed our bets with every hand. Here’s what I noticed. The player who consistently played 10 chips every hand slowly accumulated more and more “money” and when he lost a hand, his set-back was minor. For the rest of us, if we bet big one hand and won, it was a huge pay-off, but if we lost it was a huge set-back. If we bet a little and won, we won a little and if we lost we lost a little. However, if a big-set back was followed by a little win, then we were actually negative compared to our starting position. It was tough to get ahead unless there was a lucky win.

It sort of reminded me of the Tortoise and Hare childhood story and applies so well to goal setting and implementation. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, just consistently moving ahead a small amount each day will amount to more progress than the erratic movement of the hare. Even with a set-back, it is easier to recover and progress again with a consistent practice.

So, yes, “luck” may be on our side, but a small consistent practice will almost always lead to certain progress toward your goal.

What is your small consistent practice that you need to do every day to reach your goal?

What if you could improve that by just 1% each day?

What would that look like?


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