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Do you love your job? Do you love what you do everyday?

I am in this restaurant at a resort having breakfast at the buffet and the restaurant is full. A nice sight following 2 years of no buffets, spaced tables and everyone wearing masks. Today, only the staff wear masks but otherwise, you would never know that the prior two years were a hospitality wasteland.

Suddenly, one of the staff started to jump up and down yelling and dancing “I’m so happy! Are you happy, happy, happy? I love my job!” Then he skipped off to grab some coffee. After that, another staff member starting high-fiving people and cheering. The next thing I saw…smiles and wonder that radiated throughout the room. I’m going to guess there were 500 people in this room. For this brief moment, that lasted less than 45 seconds, an entire room lit up because one person had the courage to raise his voice a little louder, sing a little song, cheer on his co-worker and smile from ear-to-ear (despite it being behind a mask). I later saw the same staff walking, no dancing, with a tray of dishes, stopped to chat with a guest. I’m not sure what he said, but she started laughing and smiling too.

I caught up with him later. His name is Hector. Hector told me that he loves to dance and he loves his job and loves to make people happy. Hector has found a job that aligns with what he loves to do, dance and make someone’s day a little brighter. I don’t doubt that Hector has a tough job, slugging around trays of dishes, bussing tables, being on his feet all day…and yet because he gets to do the things he loves, he finds joy throughout his day and he spreads it like wildfire!

Are you like Hector?

Do you get to do what you love everyday? If not, you should check out the next group coaching program starting at the end of April.

By the end of this group coaching program, you will:

😊 Understand why you are feeling stuck and not doing what you love

😊 Get grounded and learn about your purpose

😊 Set meaningful goals, actions and strategies toward cultivating your own career path

😊 Build a sustainable plan to keep on track

As well, you will get the support of being in a group and build some awesome relationships.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get on the path to doing what you love!

You can choose to cultivate your own path.

If you are ready and motivated to make a change, hit the link below to reach out and learn more.

Make a decision to do something different now. Take charge of your career!

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