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Performance Management Cycle

In today's video, I talk about the #PerformanceManagement Cycle, why it is so problematic for many #leaders, and how to simplify it.

I like to remember why this process is helpful and necessary, not just administrative. So many leaders get caught up in the process or the requirements of whatever tool their company is using. Remember that the entire purpose of a #PerformanceManagement process is to set #goals that will help the employee develop further while moving the organization closer to its #Mission and #Vision. If goals aren't meeting that purpose, then they might not be necessary or good goals to begin with...and that causes frustration all around.

Use the #SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound) goal-writing framework. I know that seems obvious and most will say that they do use SMART, but I will encourage you to think deeply about each step. I also notice that many leaders do a decent job with goals being Specific, Measurable and Time-Bound, but gloss over the Attainable and Realistic. All 5 pieces of the framework need to be considered deeply and assessed according to the complexity of the goal, all of the workload required, resources available (time, money and people), and internal and external factors.

If you notice that frustration creeping up with your performance management process, listen in to learn ways to keep it simple.

What have you learned with Performance Management? What have you discovered works well in the process?

In the next videos, I will discuss how to prioritize goals (and say 'no' to some) and also the Performance Management conversation.

Happy Leading!

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