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Strategic Planning 101

Hi Leaders! It is mid-November and for many, you are right in the middle of reviewing your #AnnualPlans and #Goals for next year.

In this video, I share the #StrategicPlanningProcess at a high level. In a future video, I will chat more about the #AnnualPlanningCycle and tie that into #PerformancePlanning for your employees.

For so many mid-level leaders, this process seems mundane and redundant. Therefore, it comes across as a "make-work" project instead of the valuable process it actually is. The strategic planning process and the annual planning process are not administrative burdens imposed by HR, even though it may feel that way. (Though I will agree there are some overly burdensome tools that manage this process out there 😏)

I believe one of your biggest #responsibilities as a #leader is to get aligned with the organization's strategy - its #vision, #mission, and #values - and understand how you and your team move the needle on that strategy every day. Then, once you understand it, help your team feel that #alignment. Help them set goals, help them get connected, and help them progress!

Alignment is one of the most powerful #IntrinsicMotivators for employees as it supports their own connection to the bigger #purpose of the organization and validates their contribution. It helps them connect to their own "why".

What are your thoughts on the strategic and annual planning process? What are your wins or pain points along the way?


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