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Have I been living under a rock?? (Well, I suppose the COVID rock..) I have never heard of JOMO until I happened across a reference on some social media platform the other day. For those who may have been living under the same rock and not heard of JOMO, it is the JOY of MISSING OUT. Unlike its cousin, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), that causes stress and anxiety related to watching other people’s social media feeds and exciting activities you are missing out on, our friend JOMO celebrates “Feeling Content with Staying In and Disconnecting as a Form of Self Care”.

What if instead of feeling like you are missing out on some social gathering, you are feeling calm and joy for choosing to stay in and getting some much-needed rest? What if instead of spending extra money on that fancy dinner, you celebrated saving the money and cooking a nutritious meal at home with your family? What if instead of feeling guilty or anxious about missing out, you felt happiness for those who did the thing AND joy for yourself, for making a better choice for you?

What I love about JOMO is the sentiment that you make a choice for you, without the guilt or shame. Say “yes” to your self-care. Say “yes” to a healthy boundary. Say “yes” to making time and space in your day, dedicated to you. Say “yes” to YOU!

As we are into the busy holiday season already, take stock of all your priorities and don’t forget to make yourself a priority! It is easy to lose ourselves this time of year. Find the JOY in putting yourself first, then fit in your remaining priorities and what is important to you. That will help you determine the things we are currently saying ‘Yes’ to that might not fit.

Remember this one precious life we have is not a dress rehearsal. Make the most of this life and if you take care of yourself, it will be a far more joyous and fulfilling journey.

Reach out if you need help saying “YES” to you!

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