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Resilience and Mental Fitness for HR

Today, I want to talk to my friends in HR.

I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of HR professionals last week. My topic of discussion…resilience and mental fitness.

Although I think everyone is in need of resilience and mental fitness, if you are in HR, it has been especially tough over the past few years, and it wasn’t that easy before!

Here are some stats from a recent McLean & Co 2022 HR Trends Report:

➡️ HR spends 20% of its time recruiting. (Increase of 25% since prior year. And considering the entire HR portfolio this is a tremendous amount of attention.)

➡️ HR’s role has expanded:

• 62% report adding responsibility for D,E, I initiatives

• 49% report adding CSR

• 47% report adding ESG

• 83% report adding one of the above 3 new functions

➡️ HR headcount has not increased

➡️ 60% of HR reporting much higher levels of on-the-job stress, up 10% from 2021 and 19% from 2020.

Anecdotally, I am also noticing more and more HR people leaving the industry altogether due to the high levels of stress and constraints on their personal time.

I do believe the way we work needs to continue to evolve, both in HR and in many other industries. However, until we can collectively effect that necessary change, we have to be able to take command of ourselves, build that resilience muscle and learn how to build and hold boundaries.

What I love about the Mental Fitness program, is that it is an operating system for all parts of life. And for you HR folks, once you can master your own mental fitness, you can share it with the rest of the team you work with.

For now, resilience growth using Mental Fitness can help you:

1) understand how you sabotage yourself,

2) gain command over your brain when you have been sabotaged; and,

3) figure out how to turn on a different part of your brain that helps you logically think through a positive response that will serve you better.

This work is transformational both at work and in your life. It has most definitely helped me.

Interested in building your resiliency and gaining command over your life? Comment or message me directly to learn more.

I get it! HR people are one of the unsung heroes of the corporate world, with very little recognition. And, I want you to stop being swallowed up by the day-to-day HR life while taking control.

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