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Happy International Women's Day!

Today is a time to pause and celebrate, acknowledge, and honor the many women that surround us for their own success. It is a day to shine a light on the progress that women have made.

And as much as I can acknowledge the progress that has occurred, I continue to see the tremendous work needed for equality and women's rights. We are on the right path (save and except for the ROE decision by the US Supreme Court) and we must continue to do the work that supports women's bodily rights, her rights to work in any industry she chooses and is capable of, and at the same pay level as her male counterparts.

I continue to see daily examples of harassment and discrimination, even in the tiniest of micro-aggressions. We must continue to fight these fights, the small ones and the big ones. Tolerance is the path to ongoing discrimination.

So, today, we celebrate progress. We celebrate the trailblazing women before us and the women leaders who have been shining a light on the path for the rest of us to walk. And after today, we will continue to walk forward on this path paving it for the next generation of brave women.

Happy International Women's Day. Be the light for the women in your life. With all the love 💟

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