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Are you a Drama-Free Leader?

Happy New Year Leaders!

I am starting 2023 off with a video series on a journey to becoming a Drama-Free Leader!

This video series might be for you if:

☑️ You seem to get pulled into or are part the rumor-mill in your workplace,

☑️ People come to you with all the latest gossip,

☑️ You get emotionally activated often in the workplace (by this I mean - frustration, anger, sadness, anxious - any kind of negative emotion that leaves you exhausted at the end of the day)

☑️ You need a "stiff drink" at the end of your work day on a fairly regular basis.

Let's start the year off DRAMA-FREE!!

As a side note, this time of year opens up some new opportunities to work with me directly:

1️⃣ I have a few 1-on-1 coaching spots open up starting at the end of January.

2️⃣ I will be launching a new Mental Fitness pod in early February.

3️⃣ I will be launching a Leadership Group Coaching program in February.

If you want to learn more about any of these ways to work with me, click on the calendar link in the comments below to set up a call.

Happy Leading!!

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