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Are you ready to finish 2022 on FIRE?!!

The one thing I missed due to the closures related to the pandemic was traveling. I love to explore, adventure, and learn about new places and cultures. I love the food and drink, architecture, music…you name it…I am curious about it and want to experience it. And, traveling with family and friends made it all the more special.

So, when the world shut down, this was a tough loss for a couple of years. But, I have made up for it this past summer!!

I was able to have new experiences, build stronger bonds with friends and family, and reconnect with travel and adventure. These were not the lazy, sleep all day and relax vacations either. These were busy, get on your feet, walk 20,000 steps before 1 pm kind of vacations.

Now that I am home from my whirlwind of travel, I am totally physically exhausted AND my creative cup is full!! I have been pumped with experiences and connections with others that will fuel me to be my best for my family and business.

This is one of the most important gifts I can give to myself. Travel, adventure, and connection with others invigorate me. It sets me up to be my best self. Having it taken away for over 2 years and then adding it back in the way I did, awakened me to the fact that this is one of my big energizers. I know that I need this in my life, both in small and big ways.

I feel recharged and am ready to hit the rest of 2022 on FIRE! Who’s ready to be on fire with me!??

What are your energizers? What invigorates you to be the best version of yourself?

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