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Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship!

Today, I want to take a minute to celebrate my niece!

She has fiercely started a new business making hair scrunchies and dog scrunchie bandanas.

There are two things I want to say about all of this:

1) The products are awesome. I have A LOT of hair, and most scrunchies fall out. These ones are gorgeous and stay put! The doggie bandanas are super cute, but better than that, SUPER functional. No more fussing with knots or buckles, they just pop on. And, my dogs tend to roll around and wrestle, and they don't fall off! Pop in the wash and dryer and good to go again. I'm just sayin'....they are awesome! Also, I know my niece and she is putting so much love and care into each and every piece. ❤️

2) Can we PLEASE celebrate a young female entrepreneur who is putting all of her energy into doing something she loves!!! WOOHOO!!!! She is incredibly creative, smart, loves pets and following a dream.

For those of us in the coaching space, we know how tough it can be for our clients to dig deep and

get past all those fears to follow their dreams. There is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes and she deserves every bit of success with this business.

I would love it if my community can like and share and click on her website (in the comments)! Let's get the word out and help her make this business thrive!

Oh and BTW - if you have fur-friends, seriously, just buy the scrunchie bandana. You won't regret it!

Link Here:

Or follow on InstaGram Here:

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