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Video 6 in the Drama-Free Leader series - Check Your Assumptions and Beliefs

In this last video in the Drama-Free Leader series, I talk about checking in with your own assumptions and beliefs.

Sometimes we create our own negative emotions - anger, frustration, guilt, etc - as a result of assumptions we make or beliefs we hold about other people or circumstances; thus creating our own drama.

So, if you find yourself feeling a negative emotion - STOP and pause. Gain awareness of your feeling, take a couple of deep breaths then ask yourself:

1) What do I know for sure about the situation or other person? How do I know this is factual?

2) What beliefs or opinions do I have (vs facts) about this other person or circumstance?

3) How can I be empathetic toward this other person or situation?

Once you do this quick assessment then you can decide how best to positively respond and move forward. The point is that you choose vs allowing your negative emotions (and that reptilian brain) to react in a way that may not serve you best.

This is a quick video to remind you to always check in with yourself first. Again, you can control yourself and your responses. Being a drama-free leader means being in self-command of your brain and its actions. Being in a drama state means you are being sabotaged and your reptilian brain is in control in a reaction state. Take control.

If you need help with this, I am a trained Mental Fitness coach and this is exactly the work we do for you gain self-mastery. Stay tuned for my next Mental Fitness pod or reach out directly to learn more.

I hope you have gained some understanding through this series on some tips to be a drama-free leader and also lead a drama-free life. There is no magic pill for this and it does require work, but honestly it is so worth it on the other side.

I would love to hear your ideas and feedback. Please reach out.

Happy Leading!

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