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Video 2 - Drama Free Leader - Dealing with Venting and Gossiping

Welcome to the 2nd Video in the Series of becoming a Drama-Free Leader!

Today I talk about how to not get caught up when someone comes to you to "Vent". More times than not, when our employees or peers come to "vent" we get engaged in the story and start getting caught up in the negative emotional energy with the person. YIKES...DRAMA!

In this video, I talk about how to be supportive, empathetic while still allowing the person to "vent" and not get caught up in their negative emotional energy.

What tips do you have to stay out of the drama of an emotionally charged venting session?

Stay tuned for the next video on how to NOT take things personally!

And, I have a couple of 1-on-1 spots opening up at the end of January, along with a new Mental Fitness Pod and I will be launching a new leadership group coaching program in February. More to come on that! But if you want to be one of the first ones to learn about these exciting new programs, reach out to the link in the comments!

Happy Leading!

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