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5 Tips for Holding Feedback Meetings

Hey Leaders! Today is the final video in a 4-part series about #StrategicPlanning and the #PerformanceManagement process. Today I talk about #FeedbackMeetings.

The BEST tip on this is to hold #FeedbackMeetings with your direct reports regularly and consistently. Holding a #GoalSetting meeting at the beginning of the year and then not talking about it again with your employee until the end of the performance year or cycle, is not performance management. That is not helping the goals advance, the company advance, the employee progress or develop, or you achieve the milestones you set out for yourself.

Do yourself a favor and hold meetings on a regular basis, which by the way is actually determined by the needs of the employee. A new employee might need weekly meetings for a couple of months, then change to monthly. A more experienced employee might need only quarterly meetings. If you are meeting regularly, you can always decide to add more feedback conversations or remove meetings based on what the employee needs in the circumstances.

So, once you're settled on the cadence of meetings here are a couple of items I would recommend including in all of your feedback meetings:

1) Connect

2) Review the Goals, one at a time

3) Feedback for you

4) Recognition

5) Evaluate their performance

Listen in to learn more about each of these topics within the meeting framework.

In any feedback meeting, I don't think you can ever go wrong if you are kind, authentic, and honest while willing to provide support and direction.

What is your best tip or advice for conducting #FeedbackMeetings? BTW - I understand that the word "feedback" can be quite triggering for many employees. I would love to hear what you call these kinds of meetings.

Let me know in the comments.

Happy Leading 😊

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