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Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!!!

Today is the 3rd video in the #StrategicPlanning and #PerformanceManagement series. I talk about how to #PrioritizeGoals and how to prioritize this process.

I use the model included below to help categorize and prioritize goals. Essentially:

🔵a #CriticalPriority is one where there is an immediate need (time is fixed in the short term), so resources (financial and/or people) will be allocated.

🔵an #ImportantPriority is one where either the Time or the Resources is fixed and the other is variable. For example, maybe people resources can only fit a project in the next 2 months, so we will figure out how to make that project happen. So, it's not critical but important to accomplish.

🔵 a #DesirablePriority is one where both the Time and the Resources are variable, so the item can likely be pushed off to the next quarter or even year.

This is just one tool that I like to use to help narrow down the number of goals we like to write for ourselves. Otherwise, it becomes too overwhelming and not helpful to move us toward our #Mission and #Vision.

Also, listen in to learn about how you, as a leader, can help to prioritize this process by shifting your #mindset, taking responsibility for the #growth of your team and taking ownership for knowing and understanding the strategic planning process in your organization.

I hope you enjoy the video. What resonates with you? What works well for you in the goal setting process?

Happy Leading!


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