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Are you a leader who sometimes gets so stuck in the hamster wheel of life that you forget to show up

If you're like me, that happens ALL THE TIME!

So, I decided to do a thing. Every day for 30 days starting Oct 3 I am going to challenge myself (and YOU) to show up that day with a different leadership skill or behavior.

It won't be hard...I promise. ❤️ But I do hope some of the challenges get you to try something new and some of them get you to practice something you already do well. I hope you do get a little out of your comfort zone and realize you might need to practice it a little bit more.

Mostly - my hope for this challenge is that leaders become more aware and intentional of how they show up every single day!

Build a habit of becoming an intentional leader!

So, Join Me for this 30-Day Leadership Challenge!

Starting Oct 3, a new video will pop up every day for 30 days to provide you with small challenges to boost your leadership skills!

I will cover topics on leading self, leading others and leading larger teams or organizations. Videos will be short and provide a tactical call-to-action on something you can try each day.

Let me know with a "Hell YESSS" in the comments below that you are in for this challenge [Don't leave me hangin!!😖].

And if you really want to take this challenge on with full force, I have created a 30-Day Leadership Challenge Tracking Planner, so you can actually build a real habit and decide on your priorities to grow your leadership skills and behaviors. I would love to share this with you, just let me know in the Comments below by saying "YES PLEASE".

The more the merrier, so like and share! Let's start a leadership movement! Who's with me??!!! 🎉


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