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Do you think you are not good enough? Smart enough? Educated enough? Deserving enough? Just…enough?

I hear this a lot and more importantly, I’ve said it a lot to myself. You know it too…that voice in your head that speaks so harshly. That voice that would NEVER say those harsh things to anyone else, yet we let it speak nasty things to ourselves ALL THE TIME!!

I have been on a mission to quiet this voice in my head and be kinder, more patient and graceful. But, it is hard to do that!

Until recently when I was introduced to the idea of rediscovering my inner child. More importantly, the task was to dig up an old photo of ourselves before we knew the expectations of society; before a little voice started showing up in our head; and before I piled on a load of protective armour in the form of shame, blame, defensiveness, etc. Then I needed to use that photo to identify who that child is at that point in time and project how that child wanted to show up in the world before all of the armour.

I found this photo below.

I am about 3 or 4 in this photo. Here are the things that I am in that photo:

I am playful.

I am curious.

I am independent.

I am precious.

I am full of joy.

I am courageous.

I am caring.

I am aligned.

I am wide open for possibilities.

I am adventurous!

Of all the exercises I have tried over the years, this one is working to quiet that “I am not enough” voice. Every time I hear that negative voice start creeping in, I just look at this photo and think that I need to protect what this inner child is asking for. I would never speak those nasty words to this little girl. I would never tell her she is not good enough. Instead, all I want to do is nurture and encourage her and tell her anything is possible if she wants it.

I share this here because I know so many people struggle with the “I am not enough” statement and the nasty voice in their heads. This is a tool that has worked for me and it’s worth a shot to try for you too. Inside each of you is a child that needs encouragement and nurturing from you too. It’s time to squash that nasty voice and let your child shine!

I would love to see your photos too!! Share them in the comments 😊

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