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Hey Leader! Are you feeling stuck in the hamster wheel? Always running, running, running, but never

More and more I am hearing these kinds of comments. Leaders diving deep into the weeds, getting "stuck" doing the work because their team is either turning over so quickly, there are attendance issues, or engagement is so low that the team is not as productive anymore. This is a dangerous slide down leading you and the team to the verge of quitting or burnout. So, what can you do?

Here is one idea to get you re-set: #getinspired !!!

You're not getting anywhere on the hamster wheel anyway, so jump off for a bit. Take a few steps back, #BREATHE and gain some perspective again. Ask yourself:

💓 What #inspires you about your current position or organization?

💓 What is your #purpose and is it aligned to the current and/or future state of the organization?

Essentially getting re-connected to your 'why' and creating alignment to the organizational purpose can kickstart your #motivation again. Then, when you get #inspired again, get to work leading your team to be inspired again too. "The more you inspire, the more people will inspire you", per Simon Sinek. Thus, creating momentum forward.

Once you get the momentum, it will be easier to find solutions to keep moving forward on all the other issues that come your way. Start with #inspiration and build a regular practice with your team as a constant reminder of the purpose and alignment.

Happy Leading 😊

On a side note - if you can't get inspired and are unsure of your own purpose, it might be time to talk to a coach to dig a little deeper and help you find clarity. Let's talk. Here is a link to 1-hour session with me:

I can't wait to meet you!


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