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How intentional are you with the behaviors you use throughout daily interactions?

It has been my experience, that many leaders are comfortable with only one or two approaches to how they communicate or interact with others, therefore missing opportunities to grow and trust the people on their teams.

I have broken down the various opportunities into 5 foundational Leadership Moments. In any given conversation, you could use just one or some or all of these styles. It really is a dance inside an interaction to determine what kind of Leadership Moment is needed at any given moment. It will also require a certain level of trust in the relationship to be able to utilize each of these as you "dance" in the conversation.

I encourage you to consider a more intentional way of taking the lead in your day-to-day interactions with others, especially the people you lead.

Check out the attached to discover when to use:

☑️ Interacting Moments

☑️ Directing Moments

☑️ Teaching Moments

☑️ Mentoring Moments

☑️ Coaching Moments

When and how will you include these Leadership Moments during your interactions?

What triggers do you need to build in so you know when to use the right kind of approach?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Did I miss any? Are there other foundational Leadership Moments you might include?

Happy Leading!

Leadership Moments
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